About Digital Agency Xando

Xando is a sustainable digital agency from Ghent, founded in 2008. Xando helps you with website development, digital marketing, strategy and other digital challenges. We give you fewer digital headaches and more peace of mind.

What does Xando do like no other?

  • Create professional websites in WordPress
  • Web shops and portals with WooCommerce or Shopify
  • A-Z digital marketing implementation specifically for SMEs
  • Marketing strategy for large and small
  • Online tools, web hosting, e-mail & domain names

NOT our offering:

  • Websites in Drupal, Joomla, Wix, ...
  • Web shops in Magento, Opencart, ...
  • Digital marketing implementation for large organizations
  • Build PHP web applications (we do provide guidance)
  • Print, corporate identity, Microsoft IT support, ...

(Xando can refer to good partners for this)

Our job is to 'digitally unburden' you

You have an accountant for your accounting.
Then why not a permanent partner for your digital needs?

The benefits at a glance:

  1. No longer having to sort everything out yourself
  2. No more hassle with complicated programs.
  3. Extra time to focus on your expertise and business.
  4. An experienced marketing coach that thinks strategically with you.
  5. Less stress and more peace of mind. Sleep better.

Whom am I going to talk to?

Sébastien is your primary contact person at Xando. He works with a dynamic team of digital experts.

Our business manager has a background in IT and marketing. He has experience with digital projects since 1999. Then he started with web development and IT management. His passion for digital marketing and entrepreneurship followed shortly thereafter. He likes to combine the best of both worlds.

Sébastien takes charge of your project and monitors quality. In addition to building websites and digital marketing, he gives valuable digital advice. He thinks along and looks for the best solution for your situation.

Sébastien likes to listen to your digital challenges.

Sébastien Jacobs - Xando
Sébastien Jacobs - Xando

Sustainable business

Xando respects the planet and the natural biorhythm of people. And we put the peace of mind of customers first.

  1. Xando consciously stays a bit smaller because getting better (at helping our customers) is more important than getting bigger.
  2. Properly deploying digital transformation means more remote work, more online tools and less CO2.
  3. We believe in a less is more approach.

Xando brings you digital success without stress.

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